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Rules to Remember for OKC Recycling

Want to know more about the do's and don'ts of recycling?

Take a look at this short video from our recycling partners Waste Management and learn just how contamination can have a negative impact on operations, and the recycling process as a whole.

As a reminder, the City does NOT accept the following in our recycling program:

1. Plastic bags of any kind, including grocery bags, lawn and trash bags or sandwich bags (check with your local grocer's or big box store as to whether they accept these).

2. Plastic "wraps" from shipping boxes, around newspapers/magazines, toilet paper or paper towels;

3. "Tanglers" such as garden hose, lighting cords, strings, ropes, bungee cords, and holiday lights;

4. Clothing, including sheets, jeans, socks, blankets and any other wearable items;

5. Yard waste, including grass cuttings, tree or shrub limbs and compost;

6. Food waste;

7. Diapers;

8. Animal waste

For more on what we CAN accept, visit our website at

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