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Information about Imperial Terrace Condominiums

Some Belle Isle West residents may not be familiar with Imperial Terrace, the meticulously maintained 54-unit condominium complex at 2525 NW 62nd Street in our neighborhood. Designated as HOPA, Imperial Terrace is Housing for Older People so residents must be 55 or older to live there. Each unit is individually owned. They have an active homeowners association and board of directors which hires a manager and oversees landscaping, maintenance of the buildings and parking areas as well as determining policies for the complex. Many Imperial Terrace residents enjoy Belle Isle Park for recreation and exercise for themselves and their pets and some are active in BIW projects.

Since Imperial Terrace is located within our neighborhood’s boundaries, the complex used to send a representative to our board meetings to bring information about their activities, problems and successes as well as take back to their board news about the BIW neighborhood as a whole. That person has moved away so we would love to have a representative from their complex attend our board meetings and represent Imperial Terrace as a Street Director. Is anyone interested? Come to our next board meeting and find out how you can get involved! That’s Tuesday, June 1 at 6:00 PM at 2828 NW 58th Street (business building just east of May Avenue with Garman Productions sign out in front).

We have recently expanded our boundaries to include Hunters Green Condominiums on the southwest corner of 63rd and Villa. We’d be delighted to welcome a representative from their association or any residents at our board meetings.

Imperial Terrace Condominiums

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