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Holiday Recycling: Know What's Naughty and What's Nice!

From the City of Oklahoma City

With the holiday season underway, now's the time to think about what's Naughty and what's Nice for your Big Green Recycle cart.

NICE - DO Recycle these items in your Big Green cart

  • Paper holiday cards and envelopes -> (DO NOT recycle photo cards or cards with metallic paper or glitter)

  • Cardboard shipping boxes, gift boxes and wrapping paper tubes

  • Craft paper (simple brown paper), and/or wrapping paper or gift bags made from craft paper (remove gift bag handles)

  • Glass bottles and jars (empty and rinse out any food)

  • Aluminum foil and foil products, steel vegetable and fruit cants (empty and rinse)

  • Plastic drink bottles (empty)

NAUGHTY - DO NOT attempt to recycle these things

  • Wrapping paper, crepe paper and gift bags: Many of these have plastic or other non-recyclable components manufactured in the paper, which means they can’t be broken down during the recycling process.

  • Christmas lights, bows and ribbons: These can get caught up in the machinery at the materials recovery facility. Toss them in your Big Blue, or re-use ribbons and bows another year.

  • Plastic bags and wrap, including bubble wrap, cling wrap and shipping air pockets.

  • Paper plates and napkins – Most paper products used with food contain chemicals that keep the paper from breaking down. Throw these in your Big Blue trash cart.

  • Plastic cutlery and napkins -- Put these items in with your regular trash.

  • Shipping peanuts – Most packing peanuts or box insulation is made out of Styrofoam. Toss this in your Big Blue.

  • Trees, greenery, wreaths - Regular greenery and wreaths can go in your Big Blue (bagged, please). Trees will need to be set out at the curb with your monthly bulky waste.

Visit the website at for an illustrated list.

As always, for ALL recycling, put all of your items loose in your cart. Do NOT use plastic bags. Also remember to always have your trash & recycle carts at the curb no later than 6 a.m. on your assigned pick-up day. For more information, visit

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