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Holiday Outdoor Decorating Contest

Join in the fun this year by getting outside and decorating your yard!. Everyone enjoys seeing homes decorated in colorful lights and decorations.


$100 Home Depot Gift Card - 1st Place

$75 Home Depot Gift Card - 2nd Place

$50 Home Depot Gift Card - 3rd Place

Judging will be take place on Sunday evening, December 20, and we’re trying something new this year! Judges from Wileman’s Belle Isle will select our winners, and judges from our association, Belle Isle West, will get to pick theirs. Signs will be placed in the winners’ yards and pictures will be on our websites, and  

Remember: Not only the people who drive by your home enjoy the decorations but your neighbors who look out at your yard enjoy them also. In a year where things are not normal due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, seeing holiday decorations should lift everyone’s spirits.

Last year's winning yard decorations!

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