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City of OKC Storm debris pick-up to begin September 3

Storm debris clean-up for Oklahoma City residents who sustained tree or limb damage from the August 26 storm will begin on Tuesday, September 3.

All residents need to set out their storm-related tree debris at the curb so it will be ready when crews come by. Limbs should be cut into sections of 10-feet or shorter, and placed on the curb separately from regular bulky trash such as such as furniture, carpet, fencing and appliances.

Tree limbs will be collected separately from regular bulky waste so both may not be picked up at the same time.

**Designated Storm Debris Areas** -- SEE ATTACHED MAP FOR DEBRIS AREAS

Areas hardest hit have been designated as special storm debris areas. Crews will make two sweeps of these areas during the month of September, which will allow residents time to get excess debris to the curb if they are missed during the first pass.

Bulky fees and early set-out warnings have been waived for residential tree and limb debris for the month of September in the designated areas only. The waiver does not apply to regular bulky waste.

The City is hosting a FREE landfill day for all Oklahoma City water or trash customers on Saturday, September 7. Residents who want to get a jump on their storm debris are welcome to participate. All four landfills are participating in the free landfill day. A current OKC water or trash bill is required, and all bulky waste rules apply. For more information on the free landfill day, visit

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