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2020 Holiday Lighting Contest Winners

On Sunday evening, December 20, Clare Auwarter and Patti Kate, two judges from Wileman’s Belle Isle Neighborhood (our neighbors east of Villa) were driven around our neighborhood by our Board Member Dave Campbell so they could admire all the creativity and energy that went into decorating for the holidays and select their three favorite homes.

At the same time, Wileman’s Belle Isle President Paula Schopflin drove Belle Isle West’s Vice President, David Patterson and his daughter, Margaret Patterson, all around Wileman’s Belle Isle Neighborhood so they could single out for recognition the three most beautifully decorated homes there.

Both neighborhoods award prizes in the form of gift cards from Lowe’s and Home Depot. First Place winners get cards for $100; Second Place gift cards are for $75 and Third Place gets $50.

Belle Isle West Winners

First Place – Rick & Gene Dunlevy, 2528 NW 61st Street

Second Place – Glenn & Betty Scott, 2525 NW 56th Street

Third Place – Travis Cunningham, 2609 NW 55th Place

Honorable Mentions

If you’d like to see Wileman’s Belle Isle winners, go to their website, Thanks so much to all of you for spending your time and energy to make the holidays so much brighter for the whole neighborhood. Everyone who drove or walked by your homes was delighted by the magic you created!

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