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Through the years we’ve held many fundraisers and lots of just fun activities, like “Pupnic in the Park”, an event for dogs and their people.    

For 20 years we’ve held an annual garage sale weekend.  Most years we hold a neighborhood benefit sale at someone’s house for those folks who need to clean out their closets but have too few things to hold their own sale or just don’t want to have their own sales.  The tidy sum of money we raise goes to buy needed items for our Belle Isle Park.  We really want to get a three-level water fountain installed near the playground as soon as we can so adults, kids and dogs can all quench their thirst when the weather heats up.

We’re beginning work with the City of OKC to develop ways to cut down on speeding on the “Villa Raceway.”  There’s talk of sidewalks in our neighborhood, especially along Villa, where Belle Isle Middle School students risk their lives just getting to the Belle Isle Library after school.  We have held ice cream socials on Neighbors’ Night Out, participated in Wileman’s Belle Isle’s annual garden tour and we put a small American flag at every house in the neighborhood on July 4th. 


Your neighborhood’s board of directors is made up of dedicated neighbors who care about our area’s problems, work to solve them and make Belle Isle West a really fine place to live.  Each street has a street director who serves as that street’s representative on the board. Each one’s responsibility is to take concerns and news from his or her street to the board and to report back to neighbors about what’s going on in the wider neighborhood and events they might be interested in.  A few of our streets are without a director now and some are so long that they really need two directors. 


So if you’d like to learn more about meeting with this eclectic and interesting group, watch your newsletter, The Belle Isle Buzz, for dates and times of the bi-monthly board meetings and come see what all we can accomplish together. We’re only limited by our imaginations.

IMG_2638-Workday at park.JPG


Back in 2012 our neighborhood association applied for and was awarded a grant from the Margaret Annis Boys Trust through the OKC Community Foundation to purchase and plant 60 new trees at our Belle Isle park at NW 62nd and Ross. We have maintained those trees, buying gator bags to slowly dispense the water we gave them every week when we did not get two inches of rain every summer, mulching, pruning, weeding and watching them grow.  Almost all the trees have survived and thrived and the landscape at our park is slowly changing for the better.   


We purchased four poop bag dispensers and keep them stocked to encourage people to pick up after their dogs.  We have several neighborhood work days at the park throughout the year.  If you’d like to join our little group of tree huggers, we’d love to hear from you!



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