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Belle Isle West Neighborhood Association was founded in 1985. Our boundaries are the NW Expressway, NW 63rd, Villa and May plus Riviera Drive, the 2300-2400 blocks of NW 59th and the two homes at 2400 and 2412 NW 63rd.  

Members and officers have contributed countless hours of hard work to benefit this neighborhood in the last 34 years.  We hold a 501(c)(3) designation with the IRS so that donations to the association are tax deductible.  


Our articles of incorporation and by-laws call for each street to have a street director who represents that street with a vote on the BIW Board of Directors.

BIW Accomplishments:


  • We’ve addressed storm flooding issues with City officials since 2011 and documented with persistent pressure on City engineers and Planning Department to place our area’s drainage problems officially on the 2017 Bond Election.  We pressured ODOT, City of OKC and/or OG&E to install or replace missing or broken traffic signs or non-working safety lights.

  • We applied for and received grants from the OKC Community Foundation to plant 60 new trees at our park in 2013.  Volunteers have worked tirelessly since then to water and maintain these trees for everybody to enjoy.

  • We’ve paid for the conversion of 21 standard wood light poles to iron decorative street lights.

  • Bi-monthly newsletters are mailed to residents, enhancing our community spirit and keeping the neighborhood informed.

  • Two “Pupnic in the Park” events were held to raise money to buy and install dog poop bag dispensers for Belle Isle Park, buy street lights and offset ongoing park expenses.

  • We have worked closely with the OKC Parks Department to identify needed repairs and improvements and stay focused on them until they are completed.

  • Street directors stake a U.S. flag at each house every July 4th. 

  • Our Annual Neighborhood Garage Sale Weekend has been held since 1996.

  • In 2015 we worked to get City approval to change the name of Ross Park to Belle Isle Park and adopted that park for maintenance and beautification.

  • We invite you to join Belle Isle West so you can be part of future neighborhood improvements by paying the $35.00 annual dues and attending our meetings.

Belle Isle West encompasses parts of the Fairdale, Belle Isle, and Riviera additions in Oklahoma City, OK.


NW 63rd, N Villa, N May, NW Expressway


Plus:  2300-2400 blocks of NW 59th Street

Riviera Drive

The two homes at 2400 and 2412 NW 63rd



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